About OurCam

Introducing a new way to communicate with friends visually

Remember film cameras? We’d physically visit a shop to get our photos, then carefully insert them into albums and pass them around, chatting, reminiscing. Smart phones allow us to share photos with IM and social networks, but it still takes considerable time and effort to share a large number of photos. We are still reminiscing about past experiences, not yet creating meaningful interactions around images that recreate the immediacy and intimacy of friendship as it happens.

We are a small team with a vision in Hong Kong.

We believe in creating a seamless tool for gathering photos instantaneously, doing away with unnecessary limitations imposed by current apps, that enhances the experience of friendship.

We believe only the people that matter should see these photos, and that the experience is private.

We believe there should be a simple yet meaningful way to interact with photos online, just like how we would in person; through the lenses, experience what your friends are experiencing no matter where they are.

We want to break down the barriers for visual communication and eliminate distance between human beings.

These are the premises of OurCam.

OurCam beta launched three months ago, and what we’ve seen has been nothing short of inspiring and heartfelt.

I have seen the Hong Kong 1 July Protest on OurCam through my friends’ phone cameras, from different perspectives, instantly, as if I was watching live reporting.

OurCam - Instant Social CameraOurCam - Instant Social Camera

I have seen my team members in Manila fighting the storm ‘Glenda’ in real time and made sure everybody is safe…

OurCam - Instant Social Camera

I see the all the interesting tidbits taken by everybody in our group when I was traveling in Yunnan China, testing OurCam with my teammates.

OurCam - Instant Social CameraOurCam - Instant Social Camera

I see my nephews play at the beach, eat, cry, and having fun. As if I am at the beach with them.

OurCam - Instant Social Camera

By helping us savor precious moments together, OurCam has brought my friends, family and coworkers closer together. Pictures tell stories — the where, the who, the what, the when, and the sequence of the moments they capture — and we can share them in real-time, not as memories but as lived experiences.

We are very excited about the future.

Stay in touch.